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Dominican Republic


Canada Goose






The Greek Islands

I learned about Pirates through my childhood books. I watched them in movies, I made them play with my imagination. I wanted to be one of them and I wanted to sail the blue waters of the Mediterranean just like them.
My love story with Greece began few years ago. I got to live the fascinating island Life of Mykonos for four Summers in a row. I got to blend with the fun and mystic spirit of the beautiful Place and I loved it but something was missing. I still hadn't got to be a PIRATE.  
I then found my crew or maybe my crew found me and, on a hot day of July we sailed away. 
Aegina was our first stop. We crossed the fascinating Corinthian Canal with its gulf, Zakynthos, Cephalonia and finally Ithaki. 
I like to let my content speak so open your eyes and enjoy the show because iLLtakeyouto sail like PIRATES do.




The best winter escape has to be the most beautiful "hippie" beach in the world: Tulum. A place that will leave you bewitched, thanks to its magical aura, where some sort of an undefinable energy somehow gives you a sense of inner strength and clarity. 
It's the perfect place if you need to forget about the rest of the world or if you're looking for your own spiritual growth in the Mayan Land, the land of jungles, white sand and blue water. It's the most intense and authentic adventure in a pristine environment, where you retreat vacation becomes spiritual healing and much more.



It’s the city of preconceptions! Many call it artificial and soulless, yet we saw nothing but beauty. From a cityscape bursting with colours, to the white sand and crystal waters of the beach, to the beautiful still of the desert – Dubai is a city interwoven with traditions, modern innovations, and delicious food! Most importantly, it’s a city definitely worth visiting...




What you get to experience is a lot more than meets the eye... We drove through Latin America, north to south, in only 4 months! We went through a cultural coma – driving through every terrain, camping under the Andes, meeting some of the most intense human beings, experienced literally every weather condition and every culture - all whilst losing ourselves in nature like never before. This truly was an experience of a lifetime.




Everything I thought I knew about Japan and Japanese culture was completely shattered the moment I set foot in Tokyo... Japan is a land of untold traditions yet such modern innovations. I travelled approximately 2,890km in 21 days from Tokyo all the way south to Yakushima Island and back again. Along the way I stopped by Kagoshima, Hiroshima, Okayama, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Nara, and Kamakura, before ending back in Tokyo. A mystical trip through a truly unique country...



The famous land of ice and fire! In only a few days, we managed to cover hundreds of miles surrounded by geysers, waterfalls, frozen lakes, canyons, scary cliffs and volcanoes! A beautifully wild island, there is so much to see and experience. As always there is the glorious miracle of the Northern Lights glowing overhead as you truly lose track of the times you have your breath taken away. It’s a place where you get to witness many of the spectacular natural phenomena’s of the world...